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Horse Statues (13)

Search and buy horse statue with many designs at Just6F store.

Horse statue has fade resistant which retains its beautiful finish for years.

Since Renaissance times, the measure of an artist’s talent was measured by the ability to sculpt a heroic equestrian statue with flying mane, and these signature sculpt for outdoor garden or gallery succeeds masterfully!

Full of mythical beauty, these horses are power, exquisitely hand-painted in the soft palette of the dream world. Cast in quality designer resin, metal or ceramic. These exclusive work lends magic to a quiet corner in home or garden.

Great horses like Quarter, Mustang, Seabiscuit, Clydesdale, Arabian, Percheron … are the pride of the owner.

Horse statue will undoubtedly add a flair of realism to your home or garden space.

The unique horse statues will definitely make your home more beautiful.

Following in the rich European tradition of fine, grande-scale sculpture in garden galleries, these horse statues work lets people know that you take the exterior of your home as seriously as the interior.

Horses and humans interact in a wide variety of sport competitions and non-competitive recreational pursuits, as well as in working activities such as police work, agriculture, entertainment, and therapy. Horses were historically used in warfare, from which a wide variety of riding and driving techniques developed, using many different styles of equipment and methods of control.

They are definitely a symbol of pride, a meaningful gift, an indispensable ornament in your home. We have life size horse statues for sale, wooden horse decor, resin horse statues, ceramic horse statues… that will definitely make you happy about the quality.

Choose and order a horse statue at just6F.

How to clean outdoor bronze statues ?
The best cleaning solution to use for your cleaning your outdoor bronze horse Statue is… soap and water. Just use a tiny bit of dish soap in a clean bucket with a clean rag. Don’t use too much soap or else it may leave a residue. Once you get your Statue washed, rinse the rag out and run clean water over your statue. Give it one last wipe down and let the statue dry.
How to painted resin horse statue ?
Painting a outdoor resin horse decor is a bit like painting plastic – unless the resin is prepared and primed first, the paint may peel off in short time, or it may not adhere at all. If you are repainting a statute that has spent time outdoors, give it a thorough cleaning first, otherwise you may be painting over dirt. Cleaning the resin piece, whether new or old, offers the opportunity to find small snags or seams that require sanding before painting.
How to dispose of religious statues?
A religious statue is not just an ordinary item: it is blessed. And blessed objects should be treated with reverence. If you cannot fix the statue, or you have no use for it, you may discard the item by incineration, burial or pious disposal.
How to protect outdoor statues ?
Blow dirt off the statue using an air hose. Spray the statue with a garden hose to remove additional dirt or debris. Clean the statue every few months so the dirt and debris don’t build up on the surface. Cover the statue during the winter with a tarp if you leave it outdoors.Lift the base of the statue off the ground if you leave it outdoors. Use wood or tiles to separate the statue from the ground.
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