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Search and buy small ceramic plant pots with many designs at Just6F store.

Looking for contemporary and simple planters? You have come to the right place.

Flank the entrance door or place them in the garden – whatever you do, they’ll surely look great and add some style. Large ceramic outdoor planters are an awesome idea for garden decoration and a way to showcase interesting plants around the household and its surroundings.

Ceramic plant pots is simple, elegant and suitable for indoor usage. These ceramic planters has a hole in the bottom for drainage. These ceramic pots withstand is a mini landscape that reflects the home owner’s personality and aesthetic taste.

Succulents are drought tolerant plants that are easy to care for and require very little. There are three points of care you want to keep in mind when caring for your succulents.

How to find the best ceramic flower pot?

The easiest way for you to find a good ceramic flower pot is by keeping a few things in mind like the following:

Watering: Will you be able to water your plants every day? If so, then you can skip this section. Otherwise, opt for a flower pot that has a reservoir or drip tray. You wouldn’t want to stress out a plant from the lack of water as it may not be able to recover.

Sizes: Flower pots are like the shells of hermit crabs – they are just temporary hosts. You need, therefore, to consider several sizes of ceramic flower pots so you can easily upgrade to larger plant pots as your plants grow.

Financial Cost: many ceramic flower pots can be cheap and cheerful or decorative and expensive. Set a budget for your pots, but still make the design and quality of your planters your priority.

Know Your Roots: It’s important for you to familiarize the root system of the plants you’ll be putting inside ceramic plant pots. For those that have small root systems, you can opt for the plant pots that have short bases. Otherwise, you’ll need flower pots that are deep to house complex root systems.

Exposure: Do you plan to place the ceramic flower pots in an area that will be exposed to the sun? Will they be under the sun all day? Also, how strong are the breezes in your area? Ceramic flower pots dry out faster compared to garden soil, but certain exposures can exacerbate the situation. Choose the ceramic flower pots that are extra resilient to ensure you don’t experience any breakage.

Product Life: Think about your pot’s longevity if you need. For short-term projects, you’d want an affordable ceramic plant pots. Looks won’t be important as well as you’d just be disposing of it very soon. If you intend to use the pots for a long-time, the design features of ceramic plant pots will matter. You’d also want to invest in extended durability as it means less consumption of resources.

Water for small succulent plants

The most important part of succulent care is when and how to water. Only water the plants when the soil is completely dry. If the soil has any moisture, do not water them at all. If it takes three weeks for the soil to dry out then water in three weeks, if it takes three days then water in three days. This is the most important part of proper succulent care. When you water your plants be sure they are being watered in the evening or late afternoon.

Succulents best absorb water and nutrients from the soil during their rest period (which is in the evening). Also, water acts as a magnifier and will certainly help burn your plants in the hot months if they are watered in the morning or during the day. Small succulents need excellent drainage. If a succulent is being potted in a container with no drainage it is important to know they should be watered sparingly. Anything more will kill the plant.

Over-watering succulents is the easiest way to kill succulents. It is also important to address under-watering. An under-watered succulent will show signs of stress with drooping or withered leaves. The leaves can also start to develop brown spots. A good watering will perk the leaves right up.

Be sure to never mist your succulents. Misting Succulents or Cacti will cause rot and/or fungal diseases. Succulents are not house plants or flowers.

Misting succulents will kill the plant. Succulent plants need to be watered thoroughly when the soil is dry so that the water reaches the entire root system; then they need to dry out.

Sunlight for succulent plants

There is a very tricky line when you first receive your succulents in regards to how much sun the plants should receive.

They need to acclimated to sun gradually once you receive them especially in the hot months. When you first receive them keep them in soft sun or indirect light only and slowly introduce them to direct sunlight. Not being careful with proper sun introduction can cause the plants to sunburn. Burn will either kill the leaves or cause them to look unsightly.

Imagine yourself being in a dark room for a while and then stepping out into harsh, direct sunlight. This can hurt your eyes until your eyes adjust. The same holds true with succulents and cacti.

Conversely, succulents and cacti need ample sunlight to look their best. This is where it can get tricky. It will probably take some testing on your part to figure out the optimum solution for your plants in regards to where you live. You will know your plants are not getting enough light when they start to grow and stretch out. This is called getting ‘leggy’.

A succulent does this when it is not receiving enough light and is stretching toward the light to receive more. Indirect light for the first few days is ideal. The next step is typically giving them direct morning light only. Morning light tends to be softer. This is a great way to ensure your plants are getting the light they need in a timely fashion but not over doing it. Continue in this manner to ensure your plants receive excellent light but do not burn.

Helpful Tip: The vibrant color of succulents (certainly one of their best selling points) is mostly maintained with proper light and water. Succulents can boast some beautiful and vibrant colors. Most succulents will get more vibrant with more sun but some will want diffused sun to offer their best color. Watch your plants and try different light to maintain the perfect look!

The unique and cute small succulent plant pots at Just6F will definitely make your home more beautiful.

Temperature for succulent plants

Succulents are very tough plants but they are not indestructible. A good rule of thumb is to not allow your plants to be in temperatures below 40 degrees without protection.

Succulents truly thrive between 50 degrees and 85 degrees. It is ok if the temperature gets above this mark, you will just need to take extra precaution to ensure your plants do not burn. You will want to keep your plants out of direct afternoon sun if the temperatures are rising above 85 degrees.

If the temperature is dropping below 40 you will want to keep them indoors/greenhouse to ensure they do not freeze.

Just6F has many small succulent plant pots, choose a new home for your plants.

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